How it Works

Chaptory aims to be a website where literature and the web meet in new ways. We think there is a lot that can be done on the web nowadays to make literature more interactive and engaging. However, most writers are not programmers, and there is no tool that allows the two of them to mix. We are one writer and one programmer who want to change the way this works in a way that is beneficial for writers. We are not a large company and we are not interested in profiting from writers. We want to create an online writing tool where writers can get paid for their writing, and where they can create interactive stories and engage with their audience directly.

Rewarding Content Creators

Our main goal with this platform is to ensure writers get appropriate compensation for the work they are doing. However we do not want a system where users are teased with free content and have to get out they wallet for the good stuff. Therefore we implemented a tipping system:

  • everyone can purchase coins
  • after reading a story, users may give a tip to the author
  • writers can then exchange back the coins they earn for real money

Think of giving a tip like giving gold on Reddit to a post you like. However, instead of supporting the website, you will be supporting the author directly. Tipping also gives more points to the writer of a story. This system may change in the future, but the underlying goal of rewarding content creators will always be our driving force. As of now Chaptory is in beta: it is already possible to tip, but coins are automatically given to any new user, and it is not possible to exchange them for money. Every month, the most tipped writer will be featured in an interview. hen we will get out of the beta, everyone's coins will be reset to 0 and the payment/withdrawal system will be implemented. Post and scores will not be reset, however.

Interactive Storytelling

Over the next few months, we will start creating effects that you can use as building blocks to create an interactive text. Some ideas we're working on that could help you create a more engaging, interactive story are:

  • Create a choose-your-own-adventure story, where different paths are found not only at the end of a page but also in words and phrases.
  • Toggle the colors, add or remove images, or change the text around depending on what you readers do.
  • Add animation effects to your text.

Engaging With Your Audience

It's hard to build an audience as a writer. You have to be out there a lot, posting new stories frequently and building a network with other writers. We think there might be a better way of building an audience, one that works even for writers like us who don't work on this full-time and can't produce enough to have a recognizable style. We will try to make it easier for writers and readers to engage with one another by allowing forums, polls, chats, and tiered donations.

Get in Touch!

Let us know if you're interested in what we're doing, and if you have any suggestions! This document is a rough outline of our plans, but we would love to hear from other writers. What do you think could help you? You can contact us here, or read more about the creators of this website in the About Us page.